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The Polo Affair


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Polo Book Reviews

Read an interview with the author in online magazine, In Other Words.

If Dick Francis was noted for writing thrillers set in the world of horse racing, Sean Hennessy has staked out new territory by setting his own work in the world of polo.

David is an expat working in real estate in Cancun, but that’s only his day job. He has been seduced into the “sport of kings” by an elderly aficionado named Fernando, a kind of missionary of the game who owns a hacienda devoted to his passion.

First-time author Sean Hennessy does a great job delivering the beauty of polo. Every sport is about the search for victory on a field of battle, and Hennessy does an excellent job of describing polo’s particular field and making it vivid to the reader.

If Hennessey’s love of the sport is convincing, his take on Cancun feels solid as well. He makes it feel real under one’s feet and the hacienda a place worth fighting for, rather than a mere resort town.

If Google’s motto says “You can make money without doing evil,” then this novel’s might be, “You can be a winner without being an asshole.”

Along with learning some lessons about polo, that’s not a bad message to come away with, especially after one has been entertained by a novel like this one.

-Antanas Sileika, author, journalist and book reviewer, Toronto

Polo, politics, passion and power! Sean Hennessy's The Polo Affair is the kind of book you come away from feeling almost that you yourself have lived another life, been immersed in another culture. The book is set on the polo fields in Cancun, Mexico. An Irish expat finds himself embroiled in intrigue, and it's a race against time to untangle the truth and set the day right. There's enough history to lend credibility without bogging down the story - indeed, it leaves you curious to know more! Characters are engaging and well drawn. A worthwhile first effort by a promising author... an author to look out for in the future!

-Cher Bibler, editor, In Other Words

The Polo Affair is a gripping story with Canadian thugs, Mexican mafia, corrupt politicians, a lovely Latina and an Irish man caught in the middle of it all. A romp of a read that takes off with a gallop and ends with a sprint. Andale!

-Laureen Vonnegut, author of the novels Twin Lives and Oasis

— with Sean Hennessy.